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lunedì 09 dicembre 2019


On-line le foto della cerimonia di consegna dei diplomi a.s. 2017/18.
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Of Cloak and Dagger
Scritto da Mrs De Fanis, Mrs Marchei, Mrs Vero   
lunedì 09 dicembre 2019


An irredeemable swindler thinks of making another victim out of a wealthy widow he has randomly met on an on-line dating chat room; but things turn out to be more complicated than they look in The Good Liar, a Hitchcock-like creepy story that explores the world of grown-up love, revenge and redemption in a relationship that runs down twisted paths and where you no longer know who's who.

Get lost in it this coming Wednesday!, movie starts at 08:00 p.m., ticket's only 4 Euros for Capriotti school

London, a wonderful life experience
Scritto da Lavalle Sara, 5BL   
venerdì 06 dicembre 2019

“The only rule of a journey is: don’t come back as you leave. Come back different.” (Anne Carson)



From my personal experience I can say that this happens inevitably; you will not be the same when you come back from a journey. During the summer I had the opportunity to spend the entire month of July in London through a scholarship.

This experience has changed and enriched me a lot; it allowed me to grow up and to become more responsible and independent, but, especially , it helped me to know myself better and to be aware of my capacities. Moreover, I met new people from Italy and also from other countries that immediately became very special because they assisted me during the whole journey and helped me when I felt melancholic.

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Scuola aperta a.s. 2019/20
Scritto da Administrator   
sabato 23 novembre 2019

Domenica 15 DICEMBRE 2019


Mattina 10 - 13
Pomeriggio 15 - 18

"Una porta aperta verso il futuro!", questo è l'Istituto d'Istruzione Superiore "Augusto Capriotti". Numerose sono le date fissate quest'anno per poter visitare la scuola e per rendersi conto della nostra offerta formativa. Venite a trovarci.... Vi aspettiamo!

La referente dell'orientamento in entrata, prof.ssa Proietti Sabrina, si rende disponibile a ricevere i genitori degli studenti.


Video intervista TM Notizie




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For Freedom
Scritto da Administrator   
martedì 03 dicembre 2019

 Hello  again! Here’s Midway,  a true account  of the air and sea battle that in early June 1942 was fought over the Midway Islands between Japanese and American forces, marking a turning point of  WWII in the  Pacific combat zone.

It is a tale of brotherhood and sacrifice revolving around the strenuous  endeavour of  American soldiers who picked on their instinct, strength of character and resolve to tip the scale of the conflict and hand this heroic exploit over to history.

To put it in Director Emmerich’s words: "I'm thrilled that we had the opportunity to tell this story, because young people today don't always know the stories about those who fought for their freedom. I think that without the generation who fought in WWII, our world would be very different".

Hope to meet you at the movies this coming Wednesday!, at 07:00 p.m. Ticket’s only 4 euros for Capriotti school.

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